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We Are Moving Out

Due to the increase in operational costs, we will be moving out of our current location.

This was a very sudden decision and we do not have a date to offer for when we will be able to start again.

For this reason all appointments booked after September 2023 will be cancelled and refunded. 

Appointments already booked in September might be cancelled and refunded as well depending what we are able to get done with packing etc.

(we will be moved out by October 1st 2023)

** We understand the messages we have received about trying to get one last spot this month. But it needs to be understood that we cannot perform any services while the supplies, furniture and set up is being taken down, packed and transported all before the end of the month. There's a lot of background organization and manual labour that needs to happen that unfortunately makes it impossible to continue services.**

Refer back to our website every once in awhile for any updates. We set up a mailing list so we can also send out emails with any updates if you prefer this method of updates.

We apologize for any inconvenience!

AB Team

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