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UPDATE 10/31/2023

Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding. I haven't had a chance to update the website since the move. Between the packing and storing, I was also looking for a place to move out in my personal life. I have been busy with packing up and moving into my new home. I know it's a bit crazy to plan two moves, but I wanted to get it done. 


As for moving into a new location for work, I have not found a place yet. There were factors of figuring out where I was going to live first which would effect my choices and options for the work location. With the holidays coming up and the stress of moving, I don't want to rush and overexert myself, so with that said:


We will be on a hiatus until 2024.

This includes messages. All updates will be posted here, as this will be easier to manage.

Thank you again so much for understanding!


We Are Moving Out

Due to the increase in operational costs, we will be moving out of our current location.

This was a very sudden decision and we do not have a date to offer for when we will be able to start again.

For this reason all appointments booked after September 2023 will be cancelled and refunded. 

Refer back to our website every once in awhile for any updates. We set up a mailing list so we can also send out emails with any updates if you prefer this method of updates.

We apologize for any inconvenience!

AB Team

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