Interested in starting a career in a high demanding niche within the beauty industry? If so, becoming an Eyebrow Specialist might just be the perfect fit for you.


Alexandra Brows is a small business established in the West Island since 2015 and has been quickly growing year after year.

We are a small team consisting of owner and employee seeking another addition to the team. Being a part of a smaller team will allow for the opportunity to focus on developing your expertise and execute our high-standard personalized experience to all clients.


We are in the early stages of building a long-lasting foundation open to unlimited opportunities for advancement within the business with recognized efforts and results.

Our promise to you is that your hard work, talent, and initiatives will be acknowledged and compensated accordingly.


We are looking for a passionate and self-motivated certified esthetician (but not limited to- we are also open to self-taught artists with talent!) to join our team.

If you enjoy empowering other women through the art of personalizing brow shapes and creating personalized experiences, we have the perfect setting for you to flourish as an Eyebrow Specialist.

With the right skills, determination, and dedication to building/maintaining client relationships, your opportunities are unlimited to what can be achieved in your career path with us.


We encourage you to reach out and participate in potentially becoming part of a bigger vision!