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pricing for microblading is the same price as a new microblading.

with timing and products used, it equals out to the same amount as a new client.

we may not be able to complete a microblading session 

we cannot microblade lighter pigments or softer shapes on previous dark, bold and/or larger brow shapes. We can only correct the brows by darkening or thickening them.

Solution: if you want something lighter or softer, we recommend getting the previous Microblading removed and starting over. 

we do not have any previous recorded history

we do not know which pigments were used, type or colour. We do not know the history of the skin and any potential complications that could have happened for us to prevent anything from happening again. Although there is previous work done on the skin, for us we are starting from scratch with you.

too many different colours

if you have an undesired colour left over such as too ashy/purple or too red/orange, we may not be able to hide it. Keep in mind, microblading lines are very fine strokes that are created just beneath the surface of the skin. If you already have colour under the skin that is too saturated (dark), a finer and lighter colour done on top will not hide it or last long.

** please note **

If you have previous microblading left in the skin that is still very dark/bold or fresh, we will not work on top of it. Any additional work added on top will lead to blurring and/or fade too quickly due to too much saturated pigment left in the skin.  For this reason we suggest the following solution:

Solution: we recommend getting the previous Microblading removed and starting over. 

desposits required for booking

since we require deposits for Microblading consultations, we recommend sending a clear and well lit photo of your brows by email to see if it possible to go forward with the Microblading session.

Please allow 3-5 business days for a reply or up to one week if it's during holidays/vacations.

   examples of photos to submit that are ideal and not so ideal  

tip: take the photo with sunlight or any bright light behind your face rather than directly in front. This usually leads to diffused lighting evenly over the face and the colour and darkness of the brows will be properly visible.

Close Up

too dark

Close Up_edited_edited.jpg

too blury

Close Up_edited.jpg

too bright

Close Up

just right

Close Up_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

too yellow

further tips:

best to not use any filters.

natural sunlight will give the most accurate colour.

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