Should an appointment need to be cancelled, it must be 24 hours prior to the appointment day.


Rescheduling of appointment is suggested. Constant rescheduling of same appointment to 'prevent cancelling' will be treated the same as a cancelled/missed appointment and will be subjected to cancellation fees or declining of all future appointment requests.





After 20 minutes, the appointment will be considered missed and will need to be rescheduled for another available date. 

Missed appointments can be rescheduled, although multiple missed appointments may be subject to cancellation fees or declining of all future appointment requests.

If client arrives 10-20 minutes late to multiple appointments in a row there will be a late fee charged to the service after the second time in a row. 



100% of the service value that was missed will be invoiced and sent by email if two appointments are missed in a row. Full payment will be mandatory before any new appointment request can be accepted. 

If appointment fees are not paid in full, all future appointment requests with Alexandra Brows will be declined until full payment is received. 


When client arrives late for the second appointment in a row, there will be a charge of $1 a minute up to 15 minutes.



5 minutes late: $5 fee

10 minutes late: $10 fee

15 minutes late: $15 fee or a rescheduled appointment.

20 minutes (or more) late: rescheduled appointment.




Mutual respect between Alexandra Brows and clients are the top priority.


If there are any concerns, it will be resolved in a respectable manner with a positive attitude. All forms of disrespectful  behaviour will not be accepted or tolerated. 


The environment of Alexandra Brows is professional, respectful and pleasant.  

*no exceptions, please respect appointment times.


Our main focus is always high standard customer service. Most of our common questions are answered on this website and booking is designed to be quick and efficient. 


Like any other business, communication has it's boundaries and reasonable expectations. It is listed on almost all forms of media that there is a 5 - 10 business response-time. Any and all messages that are sent during off-hours (listed at the bottom of the website and the online booking schedule) will not be immediately responded to, as this would be an unreasonable expectation. Any form of repetitive or constant messaging (and in  extreme cases, any form of harassment) will not be tolerated or seen as a 'priority' to be responded to. In order to remain fair to all clients, messages will be responded to during business hours.  



Text messages that are sent during off hours will not be immediately responded to and will only be answered within 5 - 10 business days 

Facebook messages have an automatic response that mentions the 5-10 business day response-time. Please respect the guidelines. 


Because both Eyebrow Specialists are in service during the day (without a secretary), it is nearly impossible to get a response by phone. We believe in high standard customer service, which includes our full undivided attention to the client in the chair. For this reason, we have made it very convenient for clients to book online. Sending a text or email will result in a quicker response than a phone call or voicemail. 

Any messages sent after 5pm on a weekday or on a weekend will be responded to in 5 - 10 business days.

Deposit Policy:

A $70 deposit is required when a Microblading appointment is booked online.

A $50 deposit is required when a Colour Refresher/ Annual Touch Up session is booked online. 

Deposits are non-refundable. When an appointment that has been booked with a given deposit is cancelled, rescheduled or a no show, the deposit is forfeit. This means if a second microblading appointment is to be booked, a new deposit will be required. The previous deposit does not get applied to the new appointment because it has been forfeited.

Anyone considering the Microblading treatment must understand that a consultation is mandatory and is the first step of the process. 

There is no such thing as a 'rushed service'. Microblading has it's appropriate guidelines/steps to ensure optimal results. 


Once the microblading consultation is completed and an actual full microblading session is booked with an AB technician, the $70 deposit is then deducted from the total cost of the first session only.

(ex. $400 - $70 = $330 will be due at the actual microblading session) Touch up sessions remain at $150.

There will be absolutely no exceptions to 'reserve' microblading appointment times without first completing a consultation in person. All future 'reserved' microblading appointments booked online will be declined. We understand that there is a waiting time to book appointments, and to remain fair to all clients, those who have completed a consultation will have priority to book a full microblading appointment at the soonest availability. 

Clients must understand that microblading has a different result on each individual. The average two sessions is enough to obtain a natural result. Individuals who are looking for a more intense result, must understand that it may require multiple sessions at an additional cost. 

As much as the results are completed by the technician of (AB), it is still highly important for microblading clients to take proper post-care for the full length of time of having the treatment done. Best results are obtained by proper post-care by the client. Unanticipated fading can be due to negligence of post-care and/or the individuals skin type. 

Individuals who have had prior microblading done by another technician not associated or working for Alexandra Brows will not have any exceptions to pricing for corrections. 

Prices listed on this website are non-negotiable with absolutely no exceptions. 




Deposits are non-refundable if the appointment is cancelled less than 48 hours prior to the booked appointment date.


Deposits are non-transferable unless the appointment is re-booked within the same month or up to one month after.