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Best Long-Term Care | Microblading

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

So you just got microblading done, you love it! (at least we hope you do)

Whether you've had microblading done at Alexandra Brows or elsewhere, there are important factors to keep in mind for the long term care. We are aware that a lot of clients out there walk out after the last session, and do not receive any long term care routine suggestions or product type examples.

We have decided to write a post to inform other clients who have gone elsewhere and a reminder for our clients on proper long term care suggestions.

First thing that needs to be understood is that microblading is a form of tattoo. You may, or may not know that even typical tattoos that are mostly visible on the body (not covered up most of the time under clothing or hair) can fade. Microblading is not as deep in the skin as a typical tattoo and so they are more vulnerable to fading quicker. The face is one of the parts on the body that is almost never covered up. It's always exposed to all conditions: sun, rain, snow, winds, sweat, cleansing products, skincare, exfoliants, makeup sprays etc. The more the area is exposed, the more likely it'll fade quicker if neglected.

What I have realized over time is the misconception, or lack of clarity of the definition of the term 'fading' when it comes to Microblading.

There are two types of fading that can occur:

Colour fading and Line fading.

Colour fading:

Due to exposure of outdoor conditions, lifestyle habits, or skin products can cause the color to fade. This means that if you walked out with a rich brown colour, and you notice over time it has changed to being more cool toned or very warm, would be classified as color fading.

Line fading:

Similar circumstances to colour fading, the actual microblading lines can fade but still preserve the same color tone as the day you walked out.

It is very difficult to predict and pin point to each individual which way it can go. There are suggestions we have come up with for long term care to help preserve color tone and keep the lines looking crisp and thin even as it's fading before you're due for your annual colour refresher.

1) AVOID OILS. This might contradict the immediate aftercare, but light and healing oils applied lightly during the healing is fine, but not to be continued long-term. Certain light oils could be okay, but most have a short shelf life and are expensive for only using such a small amount.

no heavy oils!

2) DO USE water-based skincare such as Aloe Vera. Water-based creams/serums are great for keeping the skin hydrated and not over-saturating the area. Below is an example of an aloe vera product we suggest:

3) SUN PROTECTION. Use water-resistant sunscreens in the summer if you are going to be out in direct sunlight for more than 20 minutes. The higher the SPF the better, we suggest minimum 50 - 60 SPF. It would be wise to wear sunglasses and hats. We found a sunscreen with a massive SPF protection that could be great, and we have linked a sunglasses shop where you can receive 20% off if you're looking for a new pair of sunglasses!

4) TOO MUCH WATER. If you are constantly (daily) swimming in chlorine water and/or salt water, it will definitely fade the color. This does tie in greatly with wearing proper water-resistant sunscreen.

5) NO CHEMICAL EXFOLIANTS. While it may not occur to you to apply a chemical exfoliant to your brows, sometimes the product could be applied very close to the brow area especially near the ends where you want to get in between the brows and hairline. This will cause fading if done regularly.

Here we have discussed the top 5 factors that can help prevent the color and lines from fading too quickly. Of course this is all dependent on your skin type as well, but these are definitely great general suggestions to keep in mind for everyone.

For information about Microblading: click here

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