Booking a Beauty Service | It Doesn't Have to be Intimidating

Updated: Sep 20

We're all craving a little bit of the normal we knew before the our new normal became well... kind of normal now.

We see it how our lives and businesses have drastically changed in such a short period of time. We are divided by fear and skepticism. No matter what your personal perspective is during these times, there are ways we can still experience the things we used to do, but in a safer way.

In this post, we can only talk about the beauty industry, since we are in it and we are working with the implemented changes. We know some of you may be wondering about safety and hygiene practices during these times. Are workers in the industry taking it seriously? Are they respecting the limited capacity of clients per session? We are going to respond to these questions with our efforts we are implementing to provide a welcoming atmosphere while still respecting the restrictions and safety guidelines.

Lately getting anything done can feel a little robotic and cold. We can't shake hands or hug, and sometimes it can feel awkward going into the places we used to with such a drastic change in the atmosphere of the place.

Walking into some businesses with such a large space and multiple workers and other clients can be a little intimidating when you are trying to be careful and may be confusing of where you're supposed to stand, wait or go. We completely understand this and is something we did not want our clients to feel.


We are located in our own little space with no walk-ins. We only accept appointments which limits the amount of foot traffic going in and out. We are only two technicians who only service one client at a time with a maximum of only 4 people in the space at a time (with our stations being more than 2 meters apart). We mainly work opposite hours to further limit this. By working this way, we are keeping the space up to hygienic standards.

Wearing masks have now become mandatory in most indoor places and some outdoor activities. We know they may not be the most comfortable, but they do help us at least experience some normalcy instead of being quarantined like before. It is a pretty minimal requirement to allow us to go back and do the things we love.


We do wear our disposable masks at all times and change them after each client. We also ask that our clients wear a mask during the entire session to prevent any risks.

Hand hygiene has also become part of our new normal, either sanitizing or washing your hands before entering any stores or businesses. Sanitizers will kill any germs on the surface of our hands while washing your hands washes them off. Both efforts are effective.


We do have every client sanitize their hands with sanitizer before entering our space. We also only open and close the door with sanitized hands. We also have our clients sanitize their hands before leaving as well. We do clean the door handles after each time it's touched.

Why is it suggested to not bring any guests or children to your beauty appointments?

We know this might complicate things and schedules, but it's important to know why this is suggested. While we have discussed all the other changes, the most important thing to remember is; the less people in the room, the less risk of contamination. It's really just as simple as that.

Most beauty businesses will understand and work with you. If you cannot find a babysitter for a future appointment date, we can always reschedule. If you need a ride from a friend or family member, they can always wait for you in the car or drop you off and pick you up. There are always solutions for us to help each other out and keep ourselves safe.

If we can understand why these guidelines have been placed, it provides a more comfortable experience to book an appointment and know what to expect. A lot of us may be nervous to book because we don't know what to expect. We have made a strong effort to do our part by keeping our clients and ourselves safe all while still proving a warm and welcoming atmosphere and experience like before. If we welcome these changes with understanding, it doesn't need to be intimidating.

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