Brow Makeup | Tutorials vs. Specialist

Updated: May 27, 2019

Fashion's best accessory is without a doubt your brows.

We have seen brow trends change over the years along with the fashion choices. In recent years however, brows have become a trend on their own. Women are now looking for that perfect shape and fullness for their selfies and everyday life.

Sometimes finding your best shape isn't easy to discover on your own. Lots of women turn to magazines and beauty videos in hopes to find the brow shape that will suit them best. Unfortunately when it comes to looking at other women to determine your best shape, it ends with confusion, regret or friends questioning your new look.

The issue is that we sometimes see ourselves too much 'in our heads'. We focus so much with our biased eye for detail, that we fail to see the big picture. This leads to frustration as to why it seems both brows can never be equal, or why they aren't softly filled in like the beauty gurus.

So what's the difference between seeing a specialist and watching a Youtube tutorial to achieve your best brows? The answer is quite simple.

A Youtube tutorial is a woman showing you how she shapes and fills in her own brows. There's a very good chance she has practiced thousands of times and gone through the trials of finding the right colour and best shape for her features.

A specialist has years of training and experience in recognizing symmetry and proportions on various different faces (of all races). They have practiced filling in brows of all sizes and shapes to achieve the most natural results.

Tutorials are definitely fun to watch, but not always the answer you are looking for.

If you want to find out which brow shape suits you best, always see a professional.

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