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Can Microblading Cause Hair Loss? | Microblading

Updated: Jul 14, 2022


If we had a dollar for every time we got asked this question, we‘d be on a beach! Nah, all jokes aside, it is a great question.

So many women are having trouble growing out their previously over tweezed eyebrows, and they want to make sure this semi-permanent solution doesn't cause more problems later on, which is totally fair.

So let's move on to the point of the post, does it? Or does it not?

So before we answer this, we need to educate everyone looking to get microblading done as much as possible to understand that when issues come up such as brow hair loss, there are quite a few other factors that can be causing this.

Firstly, your health is the number one factor to consider. If you have any deficiencies or hormone issues, brow hair loss is commonly associated with these conditions. So whether you get microblading done or not, brow hair loss caused by these factors are somewhat inevitable (except with the help of medications or specific treatments).

Secondly, microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo. We all know this, so what does this mean?

It should tell you that we are working on the skin and creating 'hair strokes' where there are no hairs (in between' the hairs, or beside the hair). By flowing in the same direction as your brow hairs and working on the skin means it is a completely separate thing from the brow hair because we don't ever cross over the actual hairs.

Now, in terms of the long term question:

Will you lose brow hairs after the years pass from having microblading?


Microblading, and only microblading itself, will not cause any brow hair loss. If you notice you are losing brow hairs, it is a highly recommended suggestion to take a look at your health first. However, it is normal during the healing phase to see some brow hairs 'fall out' due to perhaps rubbing the post-care treatment over the brows too roughly. This is very rare. It is however, very normal for brow hairs to fall out once in awhile due to its growth cycle.

Brow hairs do grow and fall out at the end of their cycle for a new one to grow in. This is more commonly known with the lash cycle, but it's the exact same with brow hairs.

We do have a blog post about castor oil to help with thinning or loss of hair, have a read to find out if it will be a good option for you: Click here

So to conclude, there's no need to worry if microblading will cause hair loss because it is an entirely different situation all together.

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