Remaining Open during Code Red | Alexandra Brows

Updated: Oct 27

As we have all heard, salons and spas can remain open for now! We do have a plan in place should things change and we have to all shut down again, but for now this is what we are doing to keep each other safe while continuing to remain open:


We are continuing to be strict with masks. We and our clients wear a mask and leave it on the entire duration of the service. We do change our masks after each client.


We do thoroughly clean and disinfect our space before and after our clients. This includes, chairs, tools, surfaces, door handles etc.

Limited Individuals:

We are only two girls who work. We have adjusted our schedules to work opposite days and hours to further limit the amount of people in our space. There are only a couple of days we both work on, Friday and certain Saturdays. Clients must show up alone without any guests or children present to help further limit the amount of individuals under one roof.

Our Studio:

As many of you know, we have moved locations. We are no longer sharing a space with a salon where there are more people walking in and out from. We have our own space now. With this change, it is much easier to keep the space properly cleaned and disinfected. There is also a limited amount of foot traffic coming in and out. We leave the exterior doors on the inside of the building open to limit touching doors, and we open our door for clients to also further prevent touching door handles.

Sanitizing Hands:

We do have all our clients sanitize their hands with hand sanitizer before and after their services. And only we open and close the door.

Social Distancing:

Since our service requires us to be less than 2m apart, we do wear the proper attire to protect us, and our 2 technicians' workstations are much further than 2m apart and are also closed off for further safety.


We require a minimum of 50% deposit or full price paid online when booking your appointment. We have 2 options to follow; we can charge the other 50% on the same card given online after the completion of the service to further eliminate any contact, or we do have contactless payment as an option in-person should you prefer to pay with another card.


4 hours before your scheduled appointment, you will receive an email with a link to fill out a short health form confirming you do not have any symptoms etc. Please fill this out before your scheduled time.

All booked appointments will remain on schedule.

We are so happy to remain open and will do our part in being responsible for keeping each other safe during these times.

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