Waxing | Causes Skin Sagging?

Updated: May 27, 2019

The Ultimate Question!

Let me ask you one thing first, who was the person who told you waxing caused skin to sag and where did they hear that from? Can you trace it back to an expert or a research/study? Probably not.

I have been hearing this myth for years, but I've never actually had anyone show me any proof. Have you?

I've done my own research and I was finding more reasons as to why it's a myth compared to the amount of actual proof it's not. I always tell my clients; even the most dedicated women will only wax their brows every 2-3 weeks. But most women will wax every 4-6 weeks. Now let's compare how much daily damage waxing causes to the skin in 4-6 weeks compared to daily habits we have.

What's a woman's typical beauty regime?

We wake up and wash our face. We are [sometimes] rubbing our skin and eyes roughly to get that tight clean feeling. Next; we apply a moisturizer [once again] pulling our skin in all kinds of directions. What about women who wear eyeliner? To get that clean line, we have to tug on our eye. Concealer? To lighten those dark circles, we have to rub it in to blend it properly right? [unless you have a beauty blender]. So that's just the surface of what we do that is 'using and abusing' our skin.

So now let's take into consideration our lifestyle/diet habits:

Do you stay hydrated? Do you eat nutritious rich foods that will bring nutrients to the skin? Or are you guilty of those junk food moments [a little too often]? Are you doing any form of physical activity to stimulate blood circulation to bring oxygen to your cells? These are things to consider when 'preventing' signs of aging.

While researching I came across this quote from a popular beauty forum (makeup talk.com):

" It's a fallacy that waxing leads to skin sagging. It's doesn't. Skin sagging is typically caused by either the muscles behind the skin becoming weak either through age, lack of use or illness. In some cases the muscle becomes weak or damaged due to apraxia which was caused by stroke. Pulling the wax off can indeed peel the dead layers of skin off but it won't cause muscle damage that would cause skin sagging. The other way skin sags is due to the fat and collagen being lost due to age or diet but again waxing will not cause skin sagging."

Now let's compare how often you would wax;

Let's say an average of once every 4 weeks... how much long-term damage can it really cause when it's not even daily? And as for the people who say tweezing and/or threading is easier on the skin... are just not aware of the fact that both of those methods involve holding the skin taut... in other words, pulling on the skin.

As long as you are taking care of your skin internally, your skin will stay looking younger longer.

What do you guys think of this myth? Have you found any other proof?

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