We Can Still See Your Brows! | How to Keep Your Brows Looking their Best

Who would've thought things would take a turn and put even more emphasis and focus on our brows. There's not too many socially-acceptable ways to hide them like you can hide a little upper lip fuzz under a mask.

With the eyes and brows being one of the few things left on the face to express our creativity or confidence, we are going to help you with some tips to keep them looking their best!

Sparse Hairs:

We know for some of you, this is one of the more difficult things to cover or fix without much knowledge of where to start! Of course we offer brow shaping and tinting services to help enhance fullness as much as possible (results vary depending on how sparse), but what about the gaps?

Our Solution:

There are great makeup products out there that can be easy to use. If you aren't as experienced with filling in your brows, tinted gels can be a great solution. Some of these gels are almost like a mascara for your brows with little fibers to help plump hairs. The tinted part will deposit some colour on the skin to help fill in gaps. This usually gives the most natural result.

For Growth:

Depending on some of your current situations, this might be a great time to give your brows some time grow. A lot of our clients were hesitant with this because of work, outings, events etc. But some of you may be working from home now, and can really give your brows the time to change.

Castor oil is a great oil to help strengthen and grow your brow hairs. But! We always advise everyone before we suggest this method, it will only help to grow hairs that can already grow. If there are no hair follicles/roots, it will not create it.. but! It can help strengthen the hairs that are already there.

It's a great thing to add to your skincare routine, to take care of your brow hair health as well.

How to use it?

We suggest to apply it on the brows each night for one month straight. In the mornings, it's best to wash off any excess because it is a heavy oil, and any excess that the skin/hair did not absorb, doesn't need to be sitting on the skin for no reason. You should notice a difference after a month with consistent use. (Yes we have seen the difference with our clients who have tried it!)

Full Brows:

The girls deemed super lucky to have fuller brows, we know the maintenance it requires to keep them well shaped. Depending on how quickly the brow hairs grow, we suggest to maintain the brows with monthly appointments. We know a lot of girls think every 2 weeks is best, but it's not (of course based on the average situation) because when you tweeze or wax your brows every 2 weeks, you are throwing off your growth pattern. In a sense you are removing 'half' of the hairs at a time, which means the other hairs that haven't grown out yet will grow shortly after. It's going to feel like you need to groom them almost daily! Whereas if you allow as many hairs to grow out at once (typically in 4-6 weeks) and then remove them all at once, the shape will hold longer. Book an appointment here

If you have Microblading and want to keep them looking great, we have a post about that HERE.

We hope you learned a few quick tips on how to keep your brows looking their best! If not, we are always here to help you at your appointment!

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